Power through: a new concept in the women empowerment discourse
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Power through: a new concept in the women empowerment discourse

The paper ‘Power through: A new concept in the empowerment discourse’ by Alessandra Galiè, a senior gender scientist at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and Cathy Rozel Farnworth, an independent researcher, offers a new perspective on the role of ‘power through’ in women’s empowerment. Continue reading

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Integrating livelihoods and rights in livestock value chain research for women empowerment development programs

A study was carried out to evaluate the impacts of microcredit and value chain intervention projects for livestock on women’s empowerment. Using the Women Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI) and adapting it for measuring empowerment for women and men in both economic and rights dimensions as a result of livestock microcredit and value chain interventions in the Kenyan context, the researchers from this study recognized that for the most part, indicators of economic empowerment and rights seemed to agree in terms of empowerment and disempowerment. Continue reading

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Assessing the uptake and disease impact of Napier grass in Kenya

Napier grass contributes about 40% of the total fodder given to livestock in Kenya, which highlights its importance in livestock production in the country. A study was undertaken to evaluate the performance of two Napier grass varieties in terms of their disease tolerance, to assess the dissemination pattern of the new varieties and to estimate the current status of both smut and stunt diseases. Continue reading

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Reducing the gender gap in agricultural extension and advisory services

A mixed producer group on gender issues related to income sources, household expenditures and decision taking being trained (photo credit: ILRI/Birgit Boogaard) A discussion paper titled ‘Reducing the gender gap in agricultural extension and advisory services: how to find the best fit for men and women farmers’, authored by among others, International Livestock Research Institute … Continue reading

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Gender, assets,and agricultural development programs: A conceptual framework

This new CAPRi (CGIAR Systemwide Program on Collective Action and Property Rights) Working Paper by Ruth Meinzen-Dick, Nancy Johnson, Agnes Quisumbing, Jemimah Njuki, Julia Behrman, Deborah Rubin, Amber Peterman and Elizabeth Waithanji  offers a conceptual framework to understand the gendered pathways through which asset accumulation occurs, including attention to not only men’s and women’s assets … Continue reading

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Revised ‘gender, livestock and livelihoods indicators’ report available

The gender, livestock and livelihoods indicators, a reference point for some of the important indicators that ILRI and partners can use to monitor the changing role of livestock in livelihoods in different production systems and the impact of livestock-related interventions has been revised. The document should be used to guide data collection within projects. These … Continue reading

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Gender Equity and Development Report 2012

The recently World Bank development reports that ‘the lives of girls and women have changed dramatically over the past quarter century. The pace of change has been astonishing in some areas, but in others, progress toward gender equality has been limited—even in developed countries. ‘This year’s World Development Report: Gender Equality and Development argues that … Continue reading

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Policy Analysis and Advocacy Programme (PAAP) Newsletter: Volume 14 Number 14

INFLUENCING CHANGE: MAINSTREAMING GENDER PERSPECTIVES IN AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT There are several dimensions and challenges to integrating gender perspectives in agricultural research and development. It is in this light that ASARECA in collaboration with CGIAR undertook a project to further institutionalise gender with eight National Agricultural Research Institutes (NARIs) in the region. This article … Continue reading