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New papers explore gender-inclusive climate adaptation strategies

Ownership of assets, access to resources such as land, labor, credit, insurance, information, and technology and ability to make decisions plays an important role in both agricultural production and adaptation to climate change. Recently, the journal of Gender, Technology and Development released a special issue exploring gender-based disparities in resource access and its contribution to uneven production levels between men and women.

Source: New papers explore gender-inclusive climate adaptation strategies

Read the articles:

  1. Closing the Gender Gap in Agriculture
  2. Smallholder Farmers and Climate Smart Agriculture:Technology and Labor-productivity Constraints amongst Women Smallholders in Malawi
  3. Climate Change, “Technology” and Gender: “Adapting Women” to Climate Change with Cooking Stoves and Water Reservoirs
  4. Connecting Women, Connecting Men: How Communities and Organizations Interact to Strengthen Adaptive Capacity and Food Security in the Face of Climate Change
  5. Role of Mobile Phone-enabled Climate Information Services in Gender-inclusive Agriculture

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