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Taking stock of gender research across the CGIAR: An inventory of gender research studies produced

gender research mapboxThe CGIAR Gender and Agriculture Research Network has developed a catalogue that provides an overview of ongoing and past gender related research studies across the CGIAR.

The catalogue contains CGIAR Research studies that involves the collection, analysis or reporting of results based on both sex-disaggregated data on individual men and women; and household data where female-headed households are differentiated from other types of household structure

The catalogue has been organized to capture studies by country, which users can browse using an interactive map.

The studies captured in the catalogue may involve EITHER or BOTH of the following:

  • “strategic gender research” i.e. research focused primarily on gender differences
  • “integrated gender research” i.e. research focused primarily on a different topic from gender, but that includes gender as a variable

Read more about the catalogue here


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