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Closing the gender gap in agriculture: A trainer’s manual

While women are the primary agricultural labour force throughout the world, the analysis and incorporation of gender issues is rarely included in agricultural development work.

To close this ‘gender gap’ ILRI Program Leader Kathleen E. Colverson has produced this manual to help people increase awareness of gender issues related to agricultural production systems. The manual is designed to provide:

  • A brief overview of the importance of gender issues in agriculture
  • The shortcomings of agricultural development in addressing gender issues
  • The need for gender analysis in agricultural development work
  • Tools and techniques that can be used to collect sex-disaggregated data
  • Participatory communication strategies that address gender issues
  • Examples for using a gendered approach in agricultural value chains

The manual uses an interactive, experience-based, practical and impact-oriented approach that involves role plays, hands-on exercises and case studies. The manual provides a summary of the steps and processes to be followed by facilitators during the workshop. Each manual session has two parts. The first part of a session gives a summarized introduction. The second part contains a session guide, objectives to be achieved and the training activities and material requirements with notes for the facilitator(s).

The PowerPoint slides to be used for the plenary presentations may be downloaded from

The annexes contain case studies and gender tool examples for use during specific workshop sessions. There are also pre and post evaluations that can be administered before and after the workshop to track participant learning outcomes. A sample agenda is included for a three-day workshop.

Download the manual

Read the gender strategy of the CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish

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