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A leader who has added great value to ILRI and many individuals: Praise for Jemimah Njuki

After 9 years with the CGIAR Jemimah Njuki,  a social scientists and the outgoing team leader of  the Poverty, Gender and Impact team stretches her wings to other heights! The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) team that she has been working with and leaves behind to continue working on gender issues had this to say about her as they bid her farewell.

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I have worked with Jemimah for the last one and half years and I must confess, what I have learnt under her mentorship is close to a 10 years period. I have always admired her quick grasp of her juniors’ problem and her practical advices throughout the period. I hope and wish that Jemimah’s departure from ILRI does not mean closer of this Nobel tie. I promise to apply and replicate what I have learnt under her leadership. It’s what I can describe as holistic mentorship. Go shine and shine. Harrison Rware

I got to know Jemimah just few months ago and what I have learned from her cannot be quantified. I admire her fierce passion for what she believes in, she has been a wonderful supervisor and a great mentor to me. She gives commendation and encouragement freely and acknowledges good works. It is a pleasure getting to work with and learn from her. This is wishing her all the best in all her endeavors. It is very hard to say goodbye, so I am saying we will meet again! Petra Saghir

Working under Jemimah has been a truly amazing experience. She is not only inspirational; she is inspired daily by her need to achieve her goals, to be excellent. One of the things that have impressed me the most about Jemimah is her commitment and her dedication towards a noble cause (gender isn’t the only one). May you continue to mentor young scientists and demonstrate the value of persistence. The sky is the limit for Jemimah. We are sad to be losing her at ILRI, but I know that she’s always available for a chat over a couple glasses of wine!!! Juliet Kariuki

I worked with Jemimah for about one and half years in the poverty and gender team before joining IBLI team last year.  Her commitment to gender research in livestock was admirable. Working with her I was able to learn and appreciate new research approaches especially on issues related to intra-household gender disparities that most often tend to be overlooked in research. I believe her time at ILRI touched the lives of many and made some difference.  It is a small world and I know we shall probably meet in other spheres. Sam Mburu

It is only that some of us who joint ILRI recently will miss the opportunity to learn more from her. However, in the short duration working with her, her in-depth knowledge in gender and agriculture in general amazed me. Her ability to handle multiple projects and still remember the details of each in addition to the opportunities and space for work she gave was inspiring. I am sure those she will join will have an inspiration. Luke Korir

Jemimah has been an exemplary Supervisor and Mentor. From her l have learnt that it is possible to lead and nurture others simultaneously. I will remember her fondly for the wake-up call she gave us in this year’s International Women’s Day. “We can no longer live kiundutho style! We must arise, work and strive for excellence at all times.” Edna Mutua

I have really enjoyed working with Jemimah for over 2 years or so we have been together.  I will really miss her leadership skills and how well she coordinated team activities and meetings.  I liked the way she handled team issues professionally and she has always been approachable.  I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and hope we shall have more interaction in the future.  All the best!  Joyce Wanderi

Jemimah is my boss and my inspiration, I have learnt from her that one can keep the principles that make the character while being a boss. She empathizes with people to explain something from their point of view and driving the point home.  I admire her open door policy and being passionate about work. Nabintu Sanginga

Jemimah helped us in PGI to tap into our potential. Where anyone of us thought that the limit was all we could give, Jemimah helped us to move one step further than our limits. She not only believed in her teams’ abilities and talent but let these abilities within her team to flourish. Jemimah is a perfect example of the balance between the roles as a Mom, work, play and career advancement which we should learn from. As a leader I have learnt from how she makes her calculated moves, decisions, transforms theory into practice in a clear, articulate, practical, concise manner and chooses the battles to fight in the advancement of gender. Pamela Pali

I could write a book to say what I’ve learnt from Jemimah, but I’ve no space. In addition to growing exponentially in scientific thought because of her, I’ve seen lots of good things that she is and that I’d like to be. I am not there at all, but I aspire to be one day! These include being clever even in your sleep; thinking and talking sense simultaneously on your feet; whipping up brilliant ideas, money, time and other resources from thin air. Jemimah, is an amazing woman and has had a splendid influence in my life. Best wishes, Liz Waithanji

I admire Jemimah’s passion, the resilience and determination that she puts in her projects and activities. Even in her busy schedule she always find time and she in touch with all her staff. Indeed as Jemimah puts it, scientists are fun, she is one fun scientist who knows how to enjoy herself and have a hearty laugh when the occasion is right. From her I have learnt to respect my work, I will strive for excellence as she has rightfully said in many occasions that mediocrity is a no no! I am extremely grateful that I got the chance to work with her. She is just a star! Evelyn Katingi

It has been a pleasure working with Jemimah over the past three years.  I can’t think of anyone who has had such an impact on ILRI in such a short period of time. Jemimah certainly made me think about things in a different way and has left a lasting legacy on ILRI. I’m sure that moving to CARE will be an interesting and very rewarding experience her – building links between the research and development communities is so important and people moving from one to the other is an excellent way of doing that.  Best wishes. Iain Wright

I am thankful to Jemimah for putting gender on ILRI’s map, and ILRI on the gender map!  I hope we can keep up with the good work you have put in place here. Shirley Tarawali

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