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Policy Analysis and Advocacy Programme (PAAP) Newsletter: Volume 14 Number 14


There are several dimensions and challenges to integrating gender perspectives in agricultural research and development. It is in this light that ASARECA in collaboration with CGIAR undertook a project to further institutionalise gender with eight National Agricultural Research Institutes (NARIs) in the region. This article contains excerpts from a book on the initiative highlighting the background, experiences, challenges, best practices and recommendations.

 The need for gender as an analytical variable in development and specifically in agriculture is now widely recognised. Researchers and innovators are expected to align their work to the needs of different social categories and take into account the unequal social relations that exist in societies. These issues can be explored effectively through gender analysis.

 For this reason, agricultural innovations should be informed by research based on gender analysis. However, this is usually constrained by a limited capacity to conduct gender-sensitive research and the predominance of a ‘supply-driven’ agenda of innovation. A needs assessment carried out in 2003 revealed that there was limited capacity to carry out gender analysis in the eastern and central African region. The assessment was carried out at the end of the project ‘Gender Factor in Agricultural Research Programmes.’ Findings from case studies in the same project corroborated this assessment.

 This led to the establishment of a collaborative initiative between ASARECA and the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR)’s Systemwide Programme in Participatory Research and Gender Analysis for Technology Development and Institutional Innovation (PRGA Programme). The project was entitled ‘Building Capacity in Gender Analysis and Gender Mainstreaming in the National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS) of ASARECA.’

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