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Gender aware approaches in agricultural programmes: A study of SIDA-supported programmes

SIDA Gender in Agriculture Evaluation 2010

The purpose of this study was to increase understanding of how Sida’s development assistance in agriculture should be designed and implemented to ensure that women farmers are reached, that their needs as producers are met, and that it has a positive impact on their livelihoods. The programmes studied are the – Agriculture Support Programme (ASP) in Zambia, – the Sida Amhara Rural Development Programme (SARDP III) in Ethiopia, – the Agriculture Development Programme (ProAgri II) in Mozambique, – the Agricultural Development Fund (FondeAgro) in Nicaragua, – and the National Agriculture and Livestock Extension Programme (NALEP II) in Kenya. The programmes were selected as they represent five of the major Sida supported programmes in agriculture. All programmes have been ongoing for a number of years, are well established and in general considered successful.


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