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Five lessons to integrate gender in market-oriented agriculture

Last week, the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) hosted a workshop on gender and market oriented agriculture.

In this video, we talked to Ann Waters Bayer about the whole issue of gender and livestock value chains:

She identified five key lessons that we should follow: First, do a proper gender analysis with each project, activity, piece of research; second, you need to actually focus on women, “what specifically can we do to focus on the needs and concerns of the women”; third, support the capacities of local women’s organizations; fourth, improve women’s and girls’ access to education and training; and fifth, recognize and promote women’s innovation. This provides an entry point for joint participatory research and development activities that will take you where women want to go. She finally called for us to find effective ways to raise the profiles of innovative women who have made markets work for them and their families.

Follow the workshop:

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